There can be several reasons why an IPTV server portal may go down during the weekends. Some possible causes include:

Maintenance: Maintenance work on the server or the network it is connected to may cause the server to be temporarily unavailable during weekends.

Power outages: Power issues, such as power outages, can cause the server to go down.

Network problems: Issues with the network that the server is connected to can also cause the server to go down during weekends.

Software problems: Software bugs or issues with the software running on the server can also cause it to become unavailable.

Hardware problems: Issues with the hardware that the server is running on, such as hard drives or the motherboard, can also cause the server to go down during weekends.

In some cases, the server outage may be temporary and resolve automatically, but in other cases, manual intervention may be necessary to restore the server to full functionality. It is always advisable to contact the server provider if the server is down during the weekends or at other times.

Cyberattacks: with denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) is a cyber-attack in which the attacker seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable for users. With the institution to bring damage to the server host.

To avoid the downtime of services and viewing pleasure, we have as a solution of a backup portal for our customers, so they can use live channels without interruption, an outage is not always 100% preventable. The chance that several servers are down at the same time is smaller.

Due to the emerging new technologies and improvements, there will be improvements in the future so that you can watch unhindered, hosting from one server url from multiple servers around the world.

IPTV Servers with using CDN provides the ability to share streams from multiple servers to improve stability and security. Starlink IPTV has now this technology.


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