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How to use virtual reality glasses

The effect of virtual Reality helmets and 3D glasses

VR glasses are head-mounted devices for viewing Virtual Reality (VR) applications on a smartphone. To use VR glasses, you need a smartphone with gyroscopic sensors and a screen that is at least 4 inches wide and has a minimum resolution of 720p, while 1080p or higher is suggested.

Install virtual reality applications

There are several virtual reality applications available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Follow these procedures to explore and download applications:

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Virtual Reality Glasses

  • On Android, launch the Google Play Store, and on iOS, launch the App Store.
  • Search for “VR”
  • Tap a VR application.
  • Click GET, or Install alongside the app

Virtual reality glass

Activate the VR glasses

Some VR headsets are front-accessible. Others have a tray that pulls out from the side and serves as a smartphone mount.

Place your smartphone in the tray provided

The majority of VR headsets incorporate a spring-loaded phone mount. Flip your phone on its side and insert it inside the mount. If you store your smartphone in a protective case, you may need to remove it before placing it in the VR headset.

Launch a VR app

To launch a VR app from your homescreen, tap its icon. If the VR app you want to play needs a gaming controller, you must link it through Bluetooth before to launching the program.

Center the screen’s alignment

Virtual reality applications show two pictures separated by a line. Align the centerline with the mount’s marker or the visual divider in the headset.

Put away the VR headset

Close the VR headset’s front or slide the tray back into the headset while the app is playing.

How to use virtual reality glasses

Mount the VR headset on the head

Place the display mount in front of your eyes and then pull the head straps behind your head. Adjust the straps as necessary to secure the display mount in position. Are virtual reality headsets safe for children?

Adjust the distance between the lenses

Many VR headsets allow users to alter the horizontal distance between the lenses. If you can change the distance between the lenses, do so so that the picture is clear. Some headsets contain a knob for adjusting the lens spacing, while others need manual adjustment. This just has to be done once.

Modify the emphasis

The majority of VR headsets allow you to alter the focus. Some headsets have a knob, while others need you to physically rotate the lenses forwards and backwards or change the distance between the lenses and the phone. This just has to be done once.

Head motions are used to control the cursor

If a dot appears in the middle of the display, you may utilize it to interact with the VR material. Move the cursor by moving your head. To activate an icon or button, hover the mouse over it for many seconds.

Therefore, programs are read-only and lack a cursor. For these applications, you must launch the app before putting your phone in the VR headset, and you must remove your phone to make adjustments or switch apps. Some VR applications need an external VR controller. Bluetooth must be used to link the controller to the mobile device for these applications. Consult the controller’s user guide for further information.

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