Online TV7 November 20180

How to Choose a 3D TV: Advice from the experts

Most people start their search for the best 3D TV by deciding whether they want a plasma screen or not. Then you should think about the TV’s resolution and what it can do. Don’t forget that the quality of the sound is a big part of the whole experience. If you want to get the best 3D TV, you should buy it in a store. Plasma vs. LCD One of …

Connections7 November 20180

Best rated TV Series of The Year

If flipping between channels was once a relaxing activity, now it’s an Olympic sport. There is more TV than ever before, but channels are now separated into their own silos on several streaming platforms, each with its own library and membership rates. At this pace, no one can be expected to see even the most highly anticipated films of the y …

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