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Starter subscription One month




Starter subscription one month subscription + 14000 or up to 22900 live channels + 96000 vods

If you choose the Starlink Ultra server, the package consists of more channels. Our Ultra portals can contain some channels at higher framerates or in 4K, but keep in mind that this can take more bandwidth from your network.
The resources of this package are higher, and the rate of this package is therefore higher.

Every activation code is supported for one device!
We recommend having a fast, stable steady internet connection. Use a wired network connection. Use an IPTV set-top box to reduce the chance of crashes. Use a VPN if your provider throttles your network speed.

Our services are Compatible with the following devices:
Android, Enigma2 Linux, IOS, IPTV Smarters, M3U/VLC,  mag250(need mac address) Smart TV (Samsung/LG or Sony TV)

Order processing time: 10 minutes to 1 hours
If you have not received the login details in one hour, please contact us or check your spam folder. You can also contact us directly from WhatsApp for faster support so we can send user details from WhatsApp. Press the Buy On WhatsApp for support on this page.

If you do not know how to use or setup our services, please contact our support; they can assist you with the installation and configure your device settings. Even if your login does not load at your device or application, please contact us to find a suitable solution.
There can be several reasons why a login does not work.

Most common causes of portal not working
1. Incomplete or incorrect login entered, or the url is not correct.
or you need different url for your country.
2. No working Internet connection at device.
3. Boutique list is to big for the device or application, its unable to load full category to the memory of your device.
4. The application isnt updated, to able to compatible with the server.


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