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IPTV Trial, our servers supports many device or applications.

Apps for Samsung/LG Smart TV ( FLIX IPTV,  Bay IPTV,  Sky Media Player,  Smartone player, IPTV smarters player, smart STB, IBO Player, Nanomid Player)

We deliver different servers based on price and video quality ratio.
You can ask for a 2 hour free trial for our megastar portal, you can ask our support for a IPTV trial. Our support will provide if available.  Due to high demand for a trial, we cannot always provide a one-day trial.

Each portal can have different content to meet everyone’s needs.  If you want to compare our server portals our team can send you a demo account. Our Ultra portal can contain some channels in higher framerates or in 4K, keep in mind that this can take more bandwidth from your network.

For a regular user its recommended to use a IPTV Settopbox to reduse chance of crashes, IPTV settopboxes has more memory/ processing unit than Smart Tv’s.   Due to constant processing of  data, Smart TV’s can be overloaded that can lead to crashes.

Consider using a device, that also provides its own iptv application for optimal operation, so that you do not have to pay for an application.

If you want to stream in high image quality, a fast internet connection is required. below we have an average estimate of Internet speed needed. how higher network speed how better.

High definition  – 5 mbps
Full high definition- 12 mbps
Ultra high definition – 25 Mbps or more
4K –  30 Mbps or more

Its advisable if you using wifi that your equipment is as close as possible. The walls around and distance from your WiFi equipment determines your WiFi speed,  if possible connecting your TV device from wire connection. Use a VPN if your provider throttle your network speed.

It is also recommended to take a measurement of your internet speed from wire and wifi from the device you will be using.  If the internet speed is not constant steady a delay can occur in the image, and that spoils the viewing pleasure.

Good network equipment is also important, most internet providers provide a basic router, often they are not able to maintain high speeds for a long time. Buffering problems can caused by many reasons:  Broken network wire can also lead to instability and slowdown of your internet. make sure your download speed is steady and the speed does not fluctuate.

Order processing time 10 minutes to 30 min

If you have not received the login details please check your spam folder. contact us from whatsapp for faster support so we can send user details from whatsapp. Press the Buy On WhatsApp for support in this page. get a free IPTV trial today enjoy the many benefits.

You can contact us for any support for installing of application

Please use upgraded hardware for optimal performance, don’t use to outdated hardware. If you would like to know which hardware is recommended please contact us.

Using outdated hardware can have several drawbacks when it comes to technology and digital services like IPTV. Here are a few reasons why it’s generally not advisable.

1. Compatibility Issues, outdated hardware may not be compatible with the latest software updates or applications required for IPTV. This can result in limited functionality, reduced performance, or even incompatibility, preventing you from accessing certain features or content.

2. Performance Limitations, older hardware often lacks the processing power, memory, and graphics capabilities needed to smoothly handle high-quality streaming and decoding of IPTV content. This can lead to buffering, lagging, and a poor viewing experience.

3. Security Vulnerabilities, outdated hardware may not receive regular security updates or patches, leaving it more susceptible to malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. This can put your personal information and privacy at risk when using IPTV services. Limited features and support, newer IPTV trial services and applications often introduce innovative features and functionalities that may not be supported by outdated hardware. You may miss out on advanced features, user-friendly interfaces, and customer support.

4. Future compatibility concerns, technology evolves rapidly, and relying on outdated hardware may limit your ability to adapt to future developments and advancements in IPTV. As new standards and formats emerge, your outdated hardware may become obsolete, requiring an upgrade sooner rather than later.


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