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Top 10 online streaming services

In 2022, we have some of the best services to stream a great number of shows and movies. But with this many options available, how do you figure out the good ones really? We have carefully picked out the top 10 best online streaming services for you. Let’s take a look.

1.      HBO Max

HBO Max includes all of the original content from HBO and more. HBO Max, however, offers a lot more for its $14.99 monthly price, making it a formidable rival to Netflix. We’re sad to see HBO Max lose so many shows, no matter how much we like the service.

2.      Hulu

Hulu is one of the top streaming services because of its unique features and the fact that it stands out from the competition. Though it may not provide as many original works as, say, Netflix, the quality to quantity ratio is far higher. The service also has a variety of original programming, rare films, and an unexpectedly large library of classic anime episodes.

3.      Netflix

One of the industry’s forefathers still ranks well among our favorite streaming sites. For a flat monthly charge, Netflix subscribers may watch an infinite number of episodes, movies, specials, and even original series produced by Netflix. Netflix is constantly adding and removing shows. One thing we don’t like about Netflix is all the series they’ve decided to cancel, and well, the price hike.

Top 10 online streaming services

4.      Disney Plus

It’s no surprise that Disney Plus is the market leader in this space. Disney owns an alarmingly wide variety of media, including Marvel, Star Wars, their own animated films, and even The Simpsons. Disney Plus is one of the greatest streaming services since it is must viewing for Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and/or Star Wars fans.

5.      Sling TV

Sling TV is a streaming service to substitute cable that provides access to several of the most popular live TV channels, unlike the aforementioned on-demand alternatives that score higher. Because of its adaptability and inexpensive starting price, Sling TV is unquestionably the greatest live TV streaming service currently available.

6.      Apple TV Plus

Its content never ceases to amaze and enthrall, whereas Netflix has become practically predictable and uninteresting – making it one of the best and thus a top lister among streaming services.

7.      Peacock

Now that parent company NBCU has made things work with Amazon and Peacock is available on Fire TV, it can be deemed a top-tier streaming service. With the variety of content it is airing, it is bound to see even more success soon.

Top 10 online streaming services

8.      Fubo TV

If you don’t have cable but still want to keep up with your favorite teams, Fubo TV is a great option. Outside of its abundance of foreign sports, its multi-screen presentation stood out the most. However, the combination of these capabilities allowed us to watch both the races and the football at the same time, which was awesome.

9.      Prime video

If you like Netflix’s selection of movies and TV shows, you’ll love Amazon Prime Video’s plethora of both of those plus their own original productions. While Netflix regularly updates its library with new episodes, it seems that Prime Video’s production rates can’t keep up with the big red streaming machine or HBO Max. However, still one of the good ones.

10.      YouTube TV

Sports, News, and Entertainment programming can all be found on YouTube TV, which currently offers streaming from 85+ channels. It gives you six simultaneous accounts and infinite space to record your favorite programs.

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