The first thing you need is a set-top box for the best viewing experience, smart TV devices also have the option to stream IPTV with an application, but this is not recommended because smart TV applications can work unstable. smart TV apps are updated less often, which also limits the possibilities such as streaming movies and series, and sorting of your favorite channels are more easy to do with an settopbox.

Online IPTV

Of course you need a TV what else, you need also an broadband fast Internet connection, at least 20 mbps, the higher ofcourse the better. You don’t want the connection to be slow when someone is watching TV and the kids are gaming.  Online TV has many advantages over satellite.

  1. More channels then sattelite
  2. Sharper images, higher quality picture and sound
  3. When it rains satellite doesn’t mostly not work.

Start by signing up for a broadband internet subscription

You need a IPTV subscription where your device converts the image and sound to your TV device.
Because broadband relies on the infrastructure provided by telecom providers, it is necessary to sign up for a service before you can begin using it. For further information on the broadband options available in your area, you can get in touch with a local ISP or telcom.

A high-speed Internet connection is made possible via broadband, a network connection technology. Broadband Internet access is becoming a must in both the workplace and the home. But you need to have your broadband system set up before you can use it to connect to the Internet. There are just a few simple procedures you’ll need to know in order to set up your broadband.

Determine what kind of internet service your provider offers

After you sign up, you’ll get a broadband bundle that includes the following:

  • An AC power adapter with an Internet modem or router
  • There is just one Internet cable.
  • Single-piece phone cord
  • Smartphone filtration systems
  • Single-port ADSL splitter, 1 unit

The components of a broadband Internet setup, and how to get them, will be detailed below.

Installing Join the phone line to the ADSL splitter

Initially, disconnect your phone from the wall socket and plug in the ADSL splitter.

As opposed to analog signals used by telephones, digital one’s power broadband networks. A splitter is a device that separates the digital and analog signals traveling down a phone line so that they may be used separately by a computer and a phone.

Reduce noise from other phone lines

Take a phone filter and plug it in between your phone and the power socket in the same way you did with the ADSL filter if you have many phones in your home.

The phone filter is functionally equivalent to an ADSL splitter; however, rather of separating the signals into analog and digital channels, it simply filters out the digital signal.

To use the ADSL splitter, plug your phone into one of the “Tel” port

Connect the splitter’s DSL connector with the telephone wire provided by your Internet service provider.

Connect the other end of the phone cord to the port on the back of the supplied modem/router

The telephone wire only fits into one port on the router/modem (the smaller one), therefore finding the proper port shouldn’t be difficult.

Connect your computer to the Internet by inserting the Internet cable included with your broadband package into one of the available ports on the back of the router/modem. There should be four Internet ports on a typical router, and you may use any of them to connect.

The other end of the cable should be plugged into the computer’s or laptop’s Internet port, which may be found on the machine’s back, close to where the speakers go in (along the sides or at the back). It won’t be difficult to find the port on your computer that the Internet cable connects to.

Plug the router or modem into an electrical outlet using the power cable

The router or modem is starting up when its lights flash after you press the Power button.

Turn on your computer, launch a web browser, and begin your network explorations as soon as the lights have stabilized.

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