7 Cheapest ways to stream Live TV

Here are the best inexpensive options, so you can cut the cord and save the most money.

IPTV streaming and stream live TV

With IPTV you can stream multiple channels worldwide from more then 54 countries. With a Starlink IPTV settopbox your are able to record your favorite shows,  with the application are you able to stream thousands of movies and series to your TV for an annual rate of $100 a year.

Sling orange

Sling TV Orange is the most basic live TV package that Sling offers, but it’s still a pretty good deal. For $35 a month, you get more than 30 channels, 50 hours of DVR storage, and the option to customize your channel lineup with “Extras,” which are extra channel packages based on your interests.

Sling blue

With Sling TV Blue, you can take charge of your TV. For just $35 a month, you can stream live and on-demand content from more than 40 channels in a base package. Also, you can change your package and sign up for curated bundles of add-on channels if the basic package isn’t enough.


For $25 a month, you can stream on more than one device and watch more than 60 live channels. It would be hard to find a better deal for cutting the cord. Even though it’s great, Philo doesn’t have any sports channels, which is a big deal. But if you already get that content somewhere else or don’t need it, Philo’s deal can’t be beat.

IPTV streaming

Direct stream live tv

DirecTV Stream is an improved Live TV streaming service that is meant to replace cable and satellite TV. For $69.99 a month, you can get live feeds of the most popular channels, and for $120 a month, you can get a box and a custom remote for the service. It gives you access to at least 65 channels and lets you stream to up to 20 devices at home and up to 3 devices on the go. Also, you get unlimited cloud DVR, so you can watch your favorite shows whenever you want.

Frndly TV

Frndly TV has more than 30 live TV channels, including family-friendly channels from Hallmark and A+E Networks. The Basic plan costs $6.99 a month, the Classic plan costs $8.99 a month, and the Premium plan costs $10.99 a month. For its Basic plan, which has a low price, you can’t get local channels, you can only stream one video at a time, and you only get a certain number of cloud DVR hours. Frndly TV gives you the most for your money if you just want to cut the cord and save money.

7 Cheapest ways to stream Live TV

Showtime is an on-demand service in the US that costs $10.99 a month and can also be subscribed to for a year. You can also add access to the catalog of movies and original shows to other streaming services like Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Showtime used to only be available on Apple devices, but now it’s also available on Android, Amazon Fire, Playstation 4, and other services.


The free plan gives you about 13,000 hours of content with ads. If you want more content, you can upgrade to the premium plan. There are two premium plans: one with ads that costs $4.99 a month or $50 a year, and one without ads that costs $9.99 a month or $100 a year. With either of the premium plans, you can watch all 2,000 movies and TV shows, including every episode of the original NBC shows.

Free Trials and Freemium Platforms

Living in a world where IPTV streaming has become the normal it’s essential to find ways to access live TV. Say goodbye to cable bills. Dive into the future of entertainment, with these budget friendly streaming solutions.

Explore IPTV streaming services that offer free trials or freemium models. Test them out without committing to a subscription and discover a range of TV channels without breaking the bank.

Bundled IPTV streaming subscription plans

Choose bundled subscription plans that combine TV channels with on demand content. This provides you with an all entertainment package while helping you save significantly compared to services.

Digital antennas
Make the most of broadcasting by investing in an antenna. By accessing over the air channels for free you can stay connected to live events and local news without any costs.

Group streaming services

Team up with friends or family members to divide the cost of streaming services. Many platforms allow users, on one account making it an economical way to enjoy TV together.

Exclusive promotions and discounts
Keep an eye out for promotions and discounts offered by streaming services.
During periods, throughout the year various service providers introduce promotions that enable you to access high quality live television content at significantly reduced rates.

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