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Best movies of all time on any streaming website

Best movies all time, these must watch movies, known as the films ever made are masterpieces that captivate audiences. They encompass a range of genres, including blockbusters, arthouse gems, romantic comedies, horror flicks, thrilling crime sagas and more. With IPTV VODS you can indulge in an experience, like no other.


Set during the years of World War II in Casablanca Rick Blaines (played by Humphrey Bogart) nightclub acts as a sanctuary for immigrants despite the warnings from authorities. However when an old flame and her partner reappear in his life Rick faces circumstances. Casablanca is a vintage Hollywood love story that will leave a mark on your heart.

The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppolas portrayal of Don Vito Corleones crime family is unparalleled. It takes you on a journey filled with corruption and personal struggles as the wealthy immigrant family grapples, with conflicting values of power and loyalty. This gripping drama is not to be missed.
The Godfathers influence remains strong due, to elements, including the iconic scene with a severed horse head, Marlon Brandos distinctive voice and the captivating waltz composed by Nino Rota.


The Park family finds themselves intertwined with a four person household struggling with unemployment. Unexpectedly a situation arises during a cleaning job that proves difficult to resolve. The films conclusion sparks debates. Leaves viewers contemplating its profound themes long after the credits roll.

Schindler’s List

Films about the Holocaust are inherently devastating. This particular movie shocks audiences through its approach skillfully directed by Stephen Spielberg. Deliberately crafted to convey melancholy and symbolism it helps viewers fully comprehend the depth of what transpired during that period in history—understanding who bore responsibility and why it holds immense significance. Shot entirely in black and white with glimpses of color offering moments of optimism before capturing heartbreak devastatingly in every conceivable form within a single unforgettable frame.

Mulholland drive

Initially appearing as a noir tale revolving around an enigmatic amnesiac (Laura Harring) determined to unravel her own identity mystery Mulholland Drive takes an unexpected turn, in its third act. Venturing into a hallucinatory dream realm it essentially erases everything that came before it.Some critics were a bit annoyed by the plot twist in the movie because they were hoping for a logical storyline. The movie presents itself as a captivating experience revealing thrilling and unsettling moments each time you watch it than just being a puzzle to solve.

The Truman Show

In The Truman Show, we witness the journey of Jim Carreys character as he discovers that his entire life is actually scripted for a television show. It makes you wonder if your own life could be, like one sitcom. Despite the concept the film subtly explores themes of narcissism, surveillance, media influence and the true meaning of free will.

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