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Best Internet service Providers

Having an internet connection is extremely important, for conducting business staying connected socially and enjoying leisure activities in todays world. Cable internet is an option to ensure that connection and choosing the cable provider is crucial. Different providers offer varying services, prices and overall user friendliness. In this list we will discuss the internet providers and the reasons behind their excellence.


Comcast Xfinity is often recognized as not the cable internet provider but also one of the fastest in many areas. Their Xfinity Gigabit plan offers download speeds of up to 1,200 megabits per second (Mbps) which’s 20% faster than what most competing cable ISPs provide with their 940 or 1,000 Mbps plans (or lower). Furthermore Xfinity offers the Gigabit Pro plan with mind boggling speeds of up to 6,000 Mbps; however it’s important to note that this plan is only available to customers who have access to the companys fiber internet connection.

For those who don’t require gigabit level speeds at home Xfinity presents alternative cable internet options with speeds ranging from 50 to 900 Mbps in areas. Depending on your chosen plan upload speeds with Xfinity cable internet can vary from 3 to 35 Mbps—, to what other cable ISPs offer.

Xfinitys service coverage is extensive. The prices, speeds and service agreements may vary depending on the region. In some areas where Xfinity provides its services a one year contract might be required, while, in others it may not be necessary.

When it comes to spectrum even though their internet plans may not be the option they offer fast speeds (starting at 200 Mbps) and have a low average cost per Mbps compared to other expensive competitors. Spectrum is highly recommended as an internet service provider due to its speeds, affordable cost per Mbps bandwidth, absence of commitments or contracts and an additional charge of only $5 for equipment.

After your year of using Spectrum Internet is completed and the company switches back to their pricing structure you might notice a price increase ranging from $20 to $25 per month. However this increase from Spectrum is still lower than what major cable companies like Xfinity and Cox implement with increases of $30 or more on plans. Furthermore since Spectrum doesn’t require any contracts or commitments from customers subscribing to their services; you are free to cancel your subscription without incurring any fees if you find the price increase high.

Mediacom doesn’t have any features apart from offering budget friendly internet plans starting at just $20 per month with speeds of up, to 60Mbps. However one of the standout qualities of Mediacom is its availability. While major companies, like Xfinity, spectrum, cox and optimum tend to prioritize serving areas mediacom goes above and beyond by extending its broadband services to the majority of the American Midwest and South including regions.

Within areas covered by mediacom customers can expect a range of three to four plan options with varying speeds from 60 to 1,000Mbps. Each plan comes with a data cap; however it’s worth noting that only one of these plans has a cap below 1TB (1,000GB) which’s roughly the average, among leading cable Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The tiered plans offered by Mediacom provide data allowances of either 2,000 or 6,000GB. For households this translates to unlimited bandwidth.

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