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5 Smart TV problems and how to Fix them

Using smart tv application for streaming IPTV

If your using smart tv with an application to connect to a IPTV Server it is recommended to do the following. Connect your TV wired to the internet. Because a wireless connection can be sensitive to interference with the wireless signals of the environment. Your WiFi speed can be determined by the walls and distance with your equipment. it is advisable to measure your wifi speed. it also depends on the quality of your WiFi equipment, if you have cheap old WiFi equipment, you will often not reach the high WiFi speed of your fiber internet connection.

There can be many other reasons and factors that while watching TV could freeze. Smart TV’s have less RAM memory than an IPTV set-top box. Its posible that the memory becomes full at some point and causes a crash. That does not mean that an IPTV box never gets stuck. In practice it often works more stable. If the device is stuck, do the following check your internet connection and restart your device. If you have a older device you can reduce the watch list, this will help to reduce your TV’s memory usage. to reduce the chance of a stuck TV. If you dont know how to reduce the channel list, you can ask your IPTV provider to do for you.

The TV powers on but there Is no Image

If your TV turns on but doesn’t display anything, there might be a variety of reasons why.
The most typical cause is that the television is set to the incorrect input. Most TVs include a “input,” “source,” or “TV/Video” button on the remote that lets you switch inputs. Once in a while your router or WiFi equipment can get crash, there is not much you can do about that, the devices processes so many data packets every day that your equipment can get stuck. Once a week or month your equipment should restart.

Verify that everything is connected correctly

If you’ve verified that you’re on the right input but still don’t see any video, check that your cable or satellite receiver is powered on and that all of its cables are securely connected. After then, it’s possible you’ll have to disconnect and replug your cable box to reset it. If it doesn’t work, you might try using a different device. You should contact your service provider if you have a picture on another device, since this indicates a problem with your signal or the box itself.

Discordant audio and video

The most frustrating thing is when your eyes tell you one thing but your ears tell you another. After seeing someone’s lips form the word “hello,” you hear the word spoken after the mouth has stopped moving. The experience is similar to viewing a foreign film with subtitles. Set the “audio delay” in your IPTV or DVR’s sound settings. This should help you find your rhythm again.

The experience of an echo

If you’re experiencing an echo, it’s likely because you have a soundbar or surround system connected to your TV with the volume turned up on both the soundbar and the TV’s speakers. Having sound coming from the TV speakers while using an external sound system is a recipe for annoying echoes, and it defeats the purpose of spending money on an external sound system in the first place. TV speakers should be muted or turned down to zero and an external sound system should be used instead. The echo should now be gone.

Interruption or pixilation of the Image

If the image on your TV flickers, freezes, or seems like it’s made up of tiny squares, you likely have a poor signal. Make sure the cables connecting your TV to the cable box and then the cable box to the wall are securely fastened. If the problem persists, you should call your cable or satellite company.

Plasma, LED, OLED, or QLED displays exhibits lines or cracks

If you see lines on the screen, access the on-screen menu. The panel has to be changed if there are lines across the interface or if the screen is broken. Fixing this will not be cheap. If your TV has lines in the panel and you purchased an extended warranty, the warranty provider will probably replace it. Televisions are not covered by warranties if the screen is physically shattered, therefore you will have to buy a new one if this happens.

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